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Good Hope Country House



4th Annual             

One Love  Off-Road Bike Benefit

Good Hope Country House - One Love - Off-Road Bike Benefit.


Questions? Please e-mail Brian at: bomil@aol.com


Thank you to Linda Smith for kindly allowing me to use her beautiful pictures of Good

Hope.  For simply the finest villa rentals in Jamaica, choose Villas by Linda Smith at



Featuring three days of rides into a Mountain Biker's dream of the roughest, toughest, hilly terrain.  You'll enjoy lightening quick down hills, leading into majestic hill passes, revealing  glorious views.  We'll all leave early through Good Hope Estate's bountiful orange groves.  As we then ride through the early morning mist, we'll magically slip between the deeply forested cockpit country.  At the same time, we'll experience the light and dark shadows created as the sun rises above the nearby hills and begins to pierce the heavy morning mist.  You'll be enjoying the sites, sounds and history of the best of Jamaica.  You won't ever forget this experience.  (If you are in good shape, you can do this.)



The Beautiful, Exotic, Rough Jamaican Cockpit Country.    



In addition we’ll ride through abandoned plantations, cane fields, coffee fields shielded

 by wide-leafed banana plants, orchards, vales, beaches and rustic towns.  We need to

 stress  rustic.  You are not in Hawaii!


You will stay at one of the most beautiful 18th Century Great houses in Jamaica,      

now known as :

Good Hope Country House.    www.goodhopejamaica.com


Formerly the largest sugar estate in Jamaica, this property boasts some of the finest

views in Jamaica, and is now a working farm covering hundreds of acres of Orange

Groves.  Movies, (How Stella got her Groove Back), many fashion shoots,                  

and countless travel magazines have featured the relaxed atmosphere of this very special


Travel and Leisure magazine eloquently describes Good Hope as,


 “Quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth to watch the sun rise”…


You will enjoy Good Hope on many levels, as Good Hope contains some of the finest

remaining architectural sites of sugar works and near perfectly restored Georgian       

inspired outbuildings from the late 1700s.


 This magical property has been especially reserved for this very special benefit-ride     

to help the people of the nearby town of Bunkers Hill.


“Good Hope is the ultimate escape _ a stress-free environment unique in

 all the world _ off the beaten track _ a memorable mountain top retreat _ a

panacea for the soul.”


-Conde Nast Traveler


Also expect to finish at least one ride at the beach which is only a few miles away.  We

may have other beach visits as request warrant.  The Great House also has a beautiful

pool along with a very special Martha Brae River swimming hole.

This Garden of Eden is enveloped in massive towering shoots of bamboo as the river

runs alongside centuries old Roman inspired arched bridges and aqueducts.  This side 

of Jamaica,  casual beach tourists can only dream about.  



When :

January 30,  2010  for 4 nights.

 Arrival day (30 th) late afternoon short prologue ride, then 3 days of longer rides. 

Jan 30th — Fly Out.

Jan 31st, Feb 1st, 2nd — Ride.

Feb 3rd  –  Fly Home.



You may be able to obtain direct flights through either Air Jamaica, Delta or United   

to Montego Bay.  I usually book through www.orbitz.com.


How much:

Shared room with two people is $850.00 per person.  A private room is $1400.00 In

include all transfers and 3 daily, marvelous Jamaican country meals.  (Breakfast will        

feature the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.  We’ve chosen the world    

famous, Alex Twyman’s Estate grown coffee.  Transfers included.  Airfare and Alcohol are extra. 

50% of the monies is required as soon as possible to hold your space.  Remaining 50% due 60 days prior to departure.  If for any reason, before  November 26th, you find you cannot attend, all your money will be refunded.  After November 26th,  if for any reason, after you have submitted monies to One Love, and you find you cannot go, we will use this money as a down payment for the following year.


Special Info For Kingston Riders

We’ll feature rides: (1)  To Windsor Caves, (2) Into the National Park-like setting

of the well planted Papaya plantation of Spring Vale.  Then ascend into commanding

views of the Maroon Town area, (3) Through the old Hampstead Estate down the

Martha Brae river, and finally to the, Time N’ Place Beach.  We’ll explore the Petosi

Shooter, Covey Estate, Part of Wales Estate, along with the restored Water Wheel

of Good Hope.



Cane Road, Circa 1750?

Good Hope is an extraordinary 18th Century Great House on a magnificent 2,000-acre plantation ... with 13 air-conditioned bedrooms, lighted tennis court, private pool, digital satellite system, nearby two-mile beach, stables and miles of private riding trails through untouched forests and cool river valleys.

 What to Bring and Additional Information

1.  Helmet. 

 You can't ride without one.

2.  Bicycle. 

Have your local bike shop provide you with a semi-new bike box.  Simply

 take off the handlebars, seat, pedals and wheels of your bike, then  place everything

(including helmet) in the box.  Wrap the box with duct tape, and you're done. 

 Easy.  (If you live in the Chicagoland area, Greg at American Bicycle

 Americanbike.com on Ogden in Downers Grove will do everything for you.)

(Airlines will charge about $75 each way.  Although on our Air Jamaica flights in 2006,

 as we only had carry-on luggage, the bikes were shipped free!)

3.  Bug Juice.

  Works great as Jamaican bugs seem to particularly hate the stuff.   

4.  Sun lotion. 

5.  I-pod with upgraded ear phones.  You haven't lived until you've blasted, 


"The Very Best of UB40" as you ride through the bush. 

Please write your check to:  Good Hope


 We need a 50% down payment to guarantee your space. 

  That is,  $425.00 for a shared room, or $700.00 for a private room.


 With the balance due by November 30th, (60 days prior to departure).


 Please mail  to:


Brian Miller

428 N. Lincoln

Hinsdale, IL 60614



Mountain Bikers, History and Jamaica


Lovers Come Experience the West Indies!

Hampstead Plantation Ride (note sugar works chimney)


Text Box: Lyrics
Verse 1
Time now for jubilation
Oh God I wish I had an answer
Cause in sweet love our spirits will grow
We are sitting down to life's every rhythm
And then behind the walls the smiling sun stalls
The people all know the reason why we still grow
So brothers be jamming
Yes be jamming
We'll be jamming till they are hiding away
Oppressor man running 
Whiles we're jumping
We will all be jamming today
So say its love from Rasta in Ghana
We are stopping all the suffering in Ghana
Say its love from Africa in Ghana
Jah Jah seals and signs and delivers
Yes, He seals and signs and delivers
Verse 2
Oh yeah, yeah I heard, I heard, I heard you cry (In Ghana)
Oh God, I heard, I heard it (In Ghana)
This feeling makes me feel so strong (In Ghana)
That I don't even know just what to do (In Ghana)
Yes, I really know now I really got to get this straight
I know my feelings are serious
We are going to stomp non stop
So brothers be rising (We'll be jamming)
And be jamming (We'll be jamming)
We'll be jamming till they're hiding away
Oppressor man running (We'll be jamming)
Whiles we're jumping (We'll be jamming)
We will all be jamming today
Repeat Chorus
Verse 3
Right on top of MT Zion
With gladness I wipe my tears
Lord raise my flag, Red, Gold & Green
So I can sing a song for Africa with honesty (In Ghana)
The people should know (In Ghana)
Go right to the East (In Ghana)
Spread out to the West (In Ghana)
Spread out to the North (In Ghana)
Go right to the South (In Ghana)
Over to the East, Over to the West (In Ghana)
Over to the North, Over to the South (In Ghana)
We'll tell you I know you feel what I'm feeling right now (In Ghana)
So you know I feel it feel it feel it (In Ghana till fade)
© Rocky Dawuni


In true Georgian style, all suites are appointed with rare wood floors and four-poster beds.

Good Hope is a magical perch

that commands sweeping views of the

Queen of Spain Valley, acres of

plantation land and the refreshing

Martha Brae River that wanders

through thick bamboo forests below.

Guests are invited to enjoy river

rafting and riverside picnics.

Yoga room at Good Hope Plantation



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